I hope you all had a wonderful first month of 2015. I had a great time recovering from the holidays (my liver may never be the same but I’m starting to get my waistline back under control :). And I got stranded in Florida for two extra days due to the snore storm that did not ravage New York. But I can’t complain because a) Florida is pretty freaking nice and b) Today TWO KISS comes out!!!! I love writing this series. I love writing it soooooo much….there will be a FOUR KISS. Out in April! But let’s not get ahead of ourselves.


Busy, busy day! Not only is TWO KISS out today but ONE KISS is FREE 1/31-2/1.

Two Kiss is the second part in E.J Kimelman’s Apocalyptic Urban Fantasy serial: Transmissions from the International Council for the Exploration of the Universe.

Darling Price thought her best friend, Megan Quick, was dead. Months earlier the doctors said Megan had only weeks to live. Than she disappeared. So when Megan saves Darling from a crowd of flesh crazed zombies, exhibiting strength and speed beyond the bounds of biology, Darling is at once exhilarated to see her friend alive again but also frightened by her. Darling comes to understand that Megan’s new found life comes at a price, one she hopes Darling is willing to pay so that they can be together again. With zombies over running the streets, immortal beings controlling her emotions, and lost memories flooding back to her, Darling begins to understand that she is not just some regular girl. She may have powers of her own that go beyond the bounds of known biology.

The Kiss Serial is recommended for adults who enjoy themes of friendship and romance at the end of the world; sex, violence, foul language and a wild apocalyptic adventure populated by both humans and immortal beings.


You can download One Kiss HERE, Two Kiss HERE, and pre-order Three Kiss HERE which will be released 3/2/15.

And I’m happy to announce there will be a Four Kiss! Out in April. More about that to come. Until then enjoy my first kiss free and then the second for only $.99.


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