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Justice…best served with teeth.

Blue was whining now, his streaking coat camouflaged by the night. But then his sounds turned to a frustrated bark as two dots of white danced above his head, high out of reach.

I was running so fast I almost planted my face in the steel mesh fence.

“Dammit.” I jammed the Glock into the back of my waistband and scrabbled up. Originally three strands of razor wire had protected the top. But it had been cut, the spot marked by a piece of white tape. Clearly the man in the sneakers had planned this getaway.

But I refused to let him escape. I scrambled over the fence and leaped to the ground on the other side, breathless but pumped by the chase. The guy wasn’t that far ahead now. I’d been more agile climbing the fence. Or else he was tiring.

Movement flickered, his white sneakers flashing in the trees. Another ten strides and I’d catch him.

Blue was barking in frustration, stuck on the other side of the fence, but I lowered my head and kept running.

Wham. Something smashed into my chest, driving the air from my lungs and knocking me sideways.

“Bitch,” a man said, dragging me to my feet and yanking my hands behind my back. The gun was pulled from my shorts and rough hands ran over my legs, my ass, my breasts.

I couldn’t move, couldn’t breathe, could only gasp for breath. But I felt the bite of the rope where they’d tied my hands, the chill of the air on my suddenly bare butt.

“Get her shorts all the way off,” a gruff voice said. “Spread her legs.”

Panic galvanized me and I gave a desperate kick. My foot landed but someone laughed and grabbed my leg.

“I like a fighter,” the thick voice growled. He clamped his hand over my mouth, his breath hot against my neck. “We’re going to want a bit more time with this one, boys. She’s young and juicy. Someone go and shut up that dog.”

I wrenched my leg loose and gave another frantic kick. A man grunted in pain. “Not me. She got a leg loose.”

The man behind me swore and lifted his hand from my mouth. I twisted, trying to tell Blue to run, but his blow to my head knocked the words from my throat.

Then he flung me to the ground and I was spread eagled against the cold grass. I stared up, my vision spinning. It looked like three men, no, four. I heard the clink of belt buckles, the sound of their zippers as they bickered over who would go first and who had to go shoot the dog.

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