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Joy Humbolt was a hot-tempered and stubborn young woman living in Brooklyn. Suddenly single, she found herself adopting a half-wolf shelter dog and drinking a little too much. When circumstances lead her to solve and avenge her brother’s murder, she knew it would change her, that she’d be a killer after it was done, that she would be running from danger for the rest of her life, and that the only way to survive would be to change her name and become Sydney Rye. What she didn’t realize was that her single act of defiance would spawn a global movement: the Joyful Justice vigilante network, making her part of a brilliant team who stop at nothing to see the evils of the world stopped.

These are powerful stories of people rising up to fight injustice. What wrongs will you right?

Whether you are a new or a seasoned author, the Kindle World program is a great opportunity. Before my series got its own Kindle World, I wrote for two others: Lei Crime and JET. The benefits include networking with other authors, finding new fans, and having fun!

Writing in someone else’s world is a whole different kind of challenge. Most writers I’ve spoken with about the process agree that it is easier. I think there are several reasons for this, but one of the big ones is the communal nature of Kindle Worlds. As writers, we know how lonely this pursuit can be. But when you’re writing in an open world, you join other authors to create something together.

The Sydney Rye Kindle World (SRKW) has a private Facebook group for the authors where we share ideas, covers, blurbs and tips. It’s a great, friendly place to gather and feel connected while working on our craft and marketing skills — a win-win- win for you, the group and the readers.

Because I wrote for two worlds before being offered my own, I know what it feels like to be on the other side of the equation. That’s why I have created some powerful opportunities. Beyond the regular benefits of writing in a Kindle World and the Facebook Group, I’ve made several other tools available to those writing in the Sydney Rye Kindle World:

  • A dedicated SRKW email list, with almost 1,000 subscribers, is growing every day. This list not only sends announcements about SRKW titles, but also about the authors writing in the world. If you have a new release, even if Sydney Rye has nothing to do with it, we will let the SRKW list know.
  • Once you have picked a launch date and have a cover, I feature you on my blog in an interview which will be shared through my social media network.
  • When your novella launches:
    • I post an excerpt on my blog about it, which will also be shared through my social media network.
    • An email goes out to the SRKW list, followed by a reminder email with an excerpt a month later with an excerpt.
  • Novellas which are especially strong will be promoted through Facebook advertising.
  • The Sydney Rye World is promoted through Facebook advertising.

I’m open to new ideas and ways to spread the word about the SRKW and the authors writing in it. Shoot me an email if you want to learn more, have any questions, or are ready to start your story:

Already have a story ready? Submit it to the Sydney Rye Kindle World!

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