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Those of you who follow me on social media know I recently spent ten amazing days in Hawaii. I was lucky enough to visit fellow indie author, Toby Neal (who I’ve featured on this blog before). Her Lei Crime Series is one of my favorites. It features a strong female protagonist and her loyal Rottweiler, Keiki, and the series is set in the Hawaiian islands, so you can see why I might like it :)

Toby’s series is so awesome that Amazon is giving her a Kindle World. What does that mean? Well, you’ve heard of fan fiction. This is licensed fan fiction. Basically, starting April 7th anyone will be able to write a story using characters from the Lei Crime Universe and publish them on Amazon through their Kindle World platform. Toby blogged about it here in more detail.

Toby invited a bunch of her author friends to kick off the world with their own stories. Not only do I love this series but writing a story in the Lei Crime world was the perfect excuse to escape to Hawaii in February. So I headed down to Maui, met up with Toby, and we went and wrote in Hana for a couple of days. It was totally inspiring to be in one of the most beautiful places in the world and to be writing side by side with a power house like Toby Neal.

I managed to blaze through the entire first draft of my Lei Crime Kindle World novella, “Warrior Dog”, while in Hawaii. I decided to focus on Lei’s dog, Keiki… I know you’re shocked, just shocked :) But I’ve always wanted to write a story from a dog’s point of view and this seemed like the perfect opportunity. I had a blast writing this novella and I can’t wait to hear what you all think about it.

“Warrior Dog” will go live April 7th along with eight other stories by well-known writers exploring the Lei Crime World. I’ll have more information in the coming weeks but for now here is the cover.

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Three Kiss Excerpt


He curled around me, holding me so that my back pressed against his chest. My heart thundered in my chest as he kissed my ear, my hair. Power coursed through me so that my vision was saturated with colors. Sounds traveled to me from great distances. The crackling of the fires miles away, the individual steps and sighs of the zombies that wandered the streets below. The blood rushing through my veins. 
I rolled, turning to Dimitri. His eyes were gray, lids heavy with exhaustion. I placed my hand against his neck and felt the blood moving through his veins, powered by magic instead of life. I kissed him gently, afraid now that I could hurt him. That I could take too much. “We must go,” I said, sitting up and looking around for my clothing. 
We dressed silently. Dimitri occasionally reached out and brushed against me; his fingers playing with a strand of my hair, lightly touching my ankle as he tied his shoe. Once we were clothed, my chain wrapped around my waist again and my one remaining knife in the makeshift holster at my hip, Dimitri pulled me against him. “Darling, I do not understand what you are,” he said, kissing the top of my head, inhaling my scent. I leaned against his button-down shirt, wrapping my arms around his narrow hips, feeling his hard chest against me. “But in all my centuries on this planet I’ve never known this before.”
I looked up at him. “What?” I asked. “Known what?”
He held my face and kissed me, his tongue tangling with mine, more of his power drifting to me so that I rose on my tip toes and pulled him closer. The strength within him was intoxicating. I broke the kiss and held his hand as we walked toward the door that led down into the apartment building we stood upon.
I pulled on the handle, which was still warm from the sun that had sunk hours ago, but the door was locked. “Let me,” Dimitri said, reaching around me. I stepped aside and saw his forearm strain as he pulled. The door didn’t give and Dimitri’s brows conferenced. He looked over at me.
“What’s wrong?” I asked.
Dmitri shook his head. “I need to feed,” he said, putting both hands on the handle and yanking hard. I heard the metal give and the door buckled. With one more tug it opened.
It was dark inside, I reached out blindly for the railing. Dimitri wrapped his hand around mind. “Follow me,” he said.
The door closed behind us and total darkness descended. I felt his hand on my cheek, his thumb running under my eye, his fingers gliding into my hair. His lips brushed against mine. “I want to drink from you,” he said.
I imagined the delicious sinking of his fangs into my flesh, the pleasure of satisfying his hunger, nourishing him. But I knew that I could not help him and stay safe at the same time.
“I can’t let you,” I said, my voice sounding breathless but strong. His lips skimmed the skin beneath my ear as they traveled down my neck, his tongue came out and flicked against my skin. “I’m sorry Dimitri,” I said, “but I can’t feed you.”
“I understand,” he said, backing away from me but keeping hold of my hand. “You can’t see in the dark?”
“No,” I laughed. “I bet you can though.”
“Of course,” he said sounding almost insulted. “Shall I carry you?”
“I’m fine,” I answered, feeling strong and steady even in the dark. While I could not see the steps, I could see his energy all around us: it was pale and weak. I had taken a lot from him.
We started down the steps and at the first landing Dimitri opened a door to a hallway. The lights were still on here. They flickered as we walked past apartment doors. “I need to find a human,” Dimitri said.
“I thought all the people were moved by the army.”
“Yes,” Dimitri said, stopping in front of a door. “But not everyone went. Some people have hidden in their apartments.”
“How can you tell?”
A smile twitched on his lips. “I can smell them and hear them.”
“Hear them?”
“Their blood, moving through their veins,” Dimitri said, his fangs descending slightly. He turned to me. “Yours is driving me almost insane.” He made eye contact and I saw a voracious hunger in his gaze. Something that no amount of sex, touch, or feel, could heal. He had to suck someone’s blood to satiate it.
Dimitri dropped my hand and kicked the door open. It banged on its hinges and Dimitri stepped into the apartment. I followed behind him into a living room. A ceiling lamp illuminated a worn couch and two chairs facing a large tv. The screen was blank except for small lettering in the upper left hand corner that read “no signal”.
Three doors lead off the living room and Dimitri headed toward one of them. A gun shot rang out and the door splintered as a bullet passed through it. It thunked into Dimitri’s stomach and he stumbled back, knocking into me. I fell onto the ground and stayed there, covering my head with my hands as more bullets flew. Dimitri took a step back as they penetrated him. One ripped through his shoulder and a mist of blood filled the air as it flew through his flesh. 
Six bullets and the shooting stopped. I heard the sound of someone reloading and Dimitri kicked the door in. I sat up to see a man fall back into the room, Dimitri upon him. The man’s scream was cut short as Dimitri dove into his neck. 
A woman was screaming. I stood up, feeling her scream against my skin, the fear and shock filling the apartment. Dimitri was sucking at the man’s neck, the sound strange and vaguely erotic. The man groaned beneath him, his arms coming around and embracing the vampire, pulling him closer. 
He was going to kill him I realized as I walked toward them. When I crossed into the room I saw the woman. She was clutching a child, her eyes wild, almost feral. Her mouth open wide, sound erupting out of her small frame. The child in her arms didn’t move. It was dead I saw, there were no emotions around it, no spark of life. “Dimitri,” I said. He did not acknowledge me. 
I stared at them, my eyes focusing and unfocusing. There were lines I saw, cords wrapped around both humans. Faint lines of light, thin, loose; almost like old fashioned telephone wires leading off both figures. The man’s ran to the woman and child and back, a crisscross of ties linking them.
Several ran off Dimitri and disappeared through the wall. Others sprung from him and wrapped around the man, pulsing with each suck. 
I put my hand on Dimitri’s shoulder and then ran my fingers up into his hair. “Enough,” I said, pulling him with my mind, twirling lines of my own around him. Taking a deep breath I felt the pleasure he was experiencing. It was magnetic, incredible, sent shivers through me. I stepped closer, pressing my body against him. He slowed down. “Do not drain him,” I requested, my breasts resting on his arm, my emotions pressing against his, attempting to slide between him and his victim. 
Dimitri raised his head. The wound on the man’s neck was small, just two punctures. They oozed blood, which Dimitri lapped gently with his tongue. I watched the wounds close. Dimitri stepped away from the man who wobbled for a moment before dropping to his knees. His wife kept screaming. I could tell her fear was turning Dimitri on. He wanted to feed from her too.
I left Dimitri to attend to the man at our feet. His eyes were glazed. A satisfied smile on his face, like a drunk who’s had his fill. I heard Dimitri move away and the woman fell silent. The sound of that gentle, erotic slurping started up again. I felt the pleasure they were both experiencing on my back like the sun’s beams, a nourishing warmth.
The man’s gun was still in his hand. Silver and unloaded. I took it from him. “Where are the extra bullets?” I asked.
He did not respond. Looking around I saw them sitting on a dresser. We were in the couple’s bedroom. The child’s body was on the ground next to where Dimitri held the woman, his face pressed into her neck. He picked her up and carried her to the bed.
I walked over to the dresser and loaded the gun. I placed it in the makeshift knife holster on my waist. It stayed well enough but I made a mental note to pick up a better one.
 I looked down at the child. Skin that was once a deep mahogany now looked pale and grey. It was a girl, must have been about two years old. I didn’t see any injuries. What happened? I wondered. Then its eyes opened and I realized the child had turned. It reached up for me and I stumbled back, knocking into the man. We both tumbled to the ground. The zombie child crawled toward us, reaching out. I kicked it away and the man snapped out of his haze.
He reached for the child. “Baby,” he said, his voice tight with emotion.
“Don’t,” I said, grabbing for him. But he shrugged me off and reached for his little girl as she reached for him. “No,” I said, feeling power pour out of me, the horror of that child biting her father too much for me. Not on top of everything else. I had to stop it.
And I did.
They both stopped. Frozen in place, their fingers centimeters apart. The girl’s jaw was open, eyes filmy, a faint green glow coming from behind her irises. Her father, his skin darker than hers ever was, reaching for her, his expression loving and pained. Dimitri’s soft suckling continued. I looked over at the bed. The woman was on her back, Dimitri was between her legs, his head buried in her thigh, those ties that disappeared through the wall pulsing.
Fear thrust through me and they began to move again. I jumped forward grabbing the girl up and holding her away from me. She turned her small face toward me and snapped the air. Then Dimitri was there, he took the child from me and turning his back to the rest of the room crushed the girl’s skull. I recognized the sound.
Sadness, limitless and impenetrable, expanded through the room. It was coming from the father. He began to weep. His broad shoulders shuddering. Dimitri threw his influence over the man but it could not quell the grief that thundered out of him. Dimitri thickened the cloak around the father until he calmed, his eyes going hazy again.
The woman was motionless on the bed, her leg seeping blood from two puncture wounds, staining the quilt she laid upon. Dimitri put the little girl’s body down gently before bending down and licking the woman’s wounds, closing them.
I turned and left the room. Crossing through the living room I opened another door hoping to find a bathroom but what I saw was a hospital bed, a child’s hospital bed. I stared at it, the metal sides glimmering in the low light that filtered around me from the living room. Machines surrounded the bed, their lights off.
“I’m sorry,” Dimitri said behind me. I closed the door and turned to him. “Blood lust,” he said as if in explanation.
“I… it’s been a long time since that happened to me.” I didn’t say anything. “I was very hungry.”
“What will happen to them?” I asked.
He looked back at the open door of the bedroom behind him. “They will be taken to our camps, if they survive long enough to be picked up.”
“Their little girl,” I said, my throat closing as a lump of tears moved up from my gut.
“She died.”
“Not from being bit though,” I said. “She was sick.” Dimitri didn’t say anything. “The dead turn no matter what?” I asked.
“Perhaps,” Dimitri said.
“Will they rise from the ground?” I asked.
“Perhaps,” Dimitri said again. So calm. So fucking cold.
I pushed past him, opening another door that turned out to be the bathroom. I slammed the door and grabbed for the toilet just in time to hurl into it. Tears poured down my face as I retched, my body heaving, bringing up nothing but bile. I couldn’t remember the last time I’d eaten. 
The spasms subsided and I sat back, leaning against the wall. Closing my eyes I took some deep breaths, pulling myself together. How did I stop them? I questioned. Where did that power come from and how could I use it?

Three Kiss Now Available!



Three Kiss is now available!

“Three Kiss” is the third installment in E.J Kimelman’s Apocalyptic Urban Fantasy serial: Transmissions from the International Council for the Exploration of the Universe.

This is a 20,000 word installment of a serial and ends on a cliffhanger.

The International Council for the Exploration of the Universe exists to consider and conduct investigations into the dimensions of the Universe; to examine how far humans are being depleted by zombies; to investigate natural methods, such as by breeding, etc., of keeping up the stock; and in cases of certain future failure of supply to suggest the necessary remedial measures. For the most part it deals with the humans common to all dimensions, but a special sub-committee considers the vampires, and a second the shifters; disembodied spirits are not investigated.

In this transmission….

Darling Price can feed off the power of others. Through this transfer of energy she can heal from any wound, including a zombie bite. With the help of Dimitri, an 800 year old vampire, Darling searches for answers about her parents and her powers.

As she gets closer to the truth the world continues to crumble around her. Dr. Issa Tor, a powerful warlock, believes that Darling can help save the world but when she goes to his society looking for answers she just finds more questions. Time is running out for Darling and the world she has learned to think of as home.


And from 3/2-3/4 Two Kiss is FREE! Get it while it’s hot!


Two Kiss…



Still haven’t downloaded Two Kiss? Here’s a teaser to get you in the mood…

Megan stood over me, her bright red hair even more brilliant than before she got sick. The colors were vibrant, varied, as if every shade from burgundy to yellow was represented in her long, luscious, wavy locks. Megan’s skin was white, smooth, touched with bright pink at her lips and cheeks. She looked like a doll made from the finest porcelain. Too beautiful to be real.

“Did any blood get in your mouth?” she asked.

I just stared up at her. She crouched down, her hair floating around her for a moment because she moved so fast that it took gravity time to catch up.

“Did it get in your mouth?” she asked again, her voice low and earnest. I reached a hand out to touch her face but she wrapped her own fingers around mine before I could reach her cheek. Megan’s skin felt cold, deathly cold. A shiver traveled down to my wrist, along my arm, over my shoulder, and straight to my heart, which thundered in response.
Megan leaned closer to me, her eyes scanning my lips, then she smiled. “No, you bit it,” she said.

“We have to go,” a man said. Megan turned to him, but I just stared at her, looking at the elegant length of her neck, the veins almost violet under her pale skin.

“I know,” Megan answered before returning to me. “Come on,” she said. “Can you stand?”

The man came around Megan and crouched down next to me. Megan put her hand on his shoulder. “She does not like to be touched,” she said.

“It won’t be a problem,” he assured her, reaching toward me. His eyes were the pale blue of very thick ice. High elegant cheekbones and plump red lips combined with his slender waist gave him an air of androgyny.

“She will walk,” Megan insisted. He frowned but relented, standing up. He was wearing a tailored suit, charcoal gray with burgundy and black thread running through it. He straightened his tie (narrow and matte black) before crossing behind Megan over to where Basil was pinned against my apartment building wall by a zombie. Megan’s companion grabbed the creature around its neck. I saw his fingers tighten, pressing through the flesh. The head popped off, flying sideways and bouncing on the ground. The rest of the body crumpled at his feet. He shook his hand and bits of flesh flew off it.

Basil straightened his jacket and nodded at Megan’s companion before hurrying to Issa’s side. “We can’t leave them,” I said, pointing at Issa’s unconscious body. Megan took the keys from my hand and unlocked the front door.

“4G,” she told Basil. He didn’t waste time. Grabbing Issa by the arm, he slung the taller man over his shoulder, then took the offered keys and walked through the door. Megan closed it behind them and gestured toward a navy SUV idling at the curb. “We need to go.”

“My violin,” I said, looking over to where the case lay on the ground. It was scuffed up, smears of blood on its rough black exterior, but still intact. Megan picked it up in a blur of movement. She took my hand and pulled me to my feet.

“He was going to tell me–”

Megan cut me off. “We have to go now.” Sirens were wailing in the distance. Screaming still filled the air. Megan opened the back door and helped me in. A zombie fell against the opposite window; its palms pressed against the glass, viscous drool seeped from its mouth. Megan slammed my door. The creature flew backwards, and Megan was sitting next to me with the door closed by the time it hit the building across the street.

“I need to blindfold you,” she said.

“What?” I asked.

“Just trust me,” she said.

“Trust you,” I parroted.

“Yes,” she nodded.

“Okay,” I said.

She smiled, relieved. The elegant man passed her a black hood from where he sat in the driver’s seat. Megan pulled it over my head, blocking all but the strongest light from passing through to my eyes.

The sirens were closer now. Loud over the sound of our engine as we started forward. The rat tat tat of gunfire in the distance. Megan wrapped her hand into mine. I couldn’t believe that she was really here. And the longer we drove the less I believed it. The sirens faded, our speed increased, and soon I heard nothing except for the engine, my own breath, and the whine of our tires on blacktop.

Without the sight of her and only experiencing Megan’s smooth, cold, hard fingers interlaced with mine, I began to feel as though I was holding hands with a statue rather than a person. It was impossible that Megan could be a person. Not only should her body be weak and riddled with disease but she ought to be dead. Instead, she exhibited speed and strength beyond the bounds of biology.

My world, which had always felt disjointed and confused but anchored by Megan, now seemed totally untethered. People were attacking each other. Ripping out each other’s throats and then rising, their wounds fresh and lurid, to stumble through the streets looking for another victim. I remembered climbing into the kitchen cabinet of a two-room cabin my father built and was discovered by police in a completely different place. Megan was dying, Megan disappeared. Megan was here, with me.

I heard the crunch of gravel under the tires and moments later we rolled to a slow stop. I heard the front door open and close. “Darling,” Megan said. Her voice saying my name sounded so right. “We are here. I will take the hood off once we get you inside.”

I heard and felt my door open. The air was cooler here, fresher. Megan’s voice in front of me now, “Come on,” she said, taking my elbow. A gentle touch held the back of my head down as I climbed out.

“I’ll carry her, it’s better,” I heard the man say. His voice was smooth, the hint of a United Kingdom’s accent. “I promise you she will not mind,” he assured Megan and I believed him.

“No,” Megan said, her voice low and stern. She led me, holding my elbow, over gravel, then grass. I could hear a gentle breeze rustling leaves. The tinkling sound of a stream mixed with the vibration of crickets. “There are stairs coming up,” Megan said. “Here they are, raise your foot.” I did as I was told and we traveled up four steps. They did not creak or wheeze like wood. The smoothness of them made me think I was walking on stone. This sensation continued as we moved indoors.

The air warmed and I could smell the lingering scent of smoke from a wood fire. Our footsteps echoed so that I felt the room was large. “I’m taking off the hood now,” Megan said quietly, her breath moving against the fabric. She lifted it over my head and I blinked for a moment while my eyes focused. That’s when I realized hers had changed.

While one eye was still the emerald green I remembered, the other was frosty blue just like the man she was traveling with. “You’re okay, Darling,” she said. “Everything is okay.”

I felt my lips moving with hers, and my mind agreeing. She smiled and then stepped to my side, her arm sliding through mine. It was an achingly familiar gesture. The sweet intimacy of our sides touching was something I’d relished. But Megan’s body felt harder now, not the soft flesh I’d once known.


You can download Two Kiss HERE. And why not pre-order the next installment Three Kiss HERE.




Free Book AND New Release!

I hope you all had a wonderful first month of 2015. I had a great time recovering from the holidays (my liver may never be the same but I’m starting to get my waistline back under control :). And I got stranded in Florida for two extra days due to the snore storm that did not ravage New York. But I can’t complain because a) Florida is pretty freaking nice and b) Today TWO KISS comes out!!!! I love writing this series. I love writing it soooooo much….there will be a FOUR KISS. Out in April! But let’s not get ahead of ourselves.


Busy, busy day! Not only is TWO KISS out today but ONE KISS is FREE 1/31-2/1.

Two Kiss is the second part in E.J Kimelman’s Apocalyptic Urban Fantasy serial: Transmissions from the International Council for the Exploration of the Universe.

Darling Price thought her best friend, Megan Quick, was dead. Months earlier the doctors said Megan had only weeks to live. Than she disappeared. So when Megan saves Darling from a crowd of flesh crazed zombies, exhibiting strength and speed beyond the bounds of biology, Darling is at once exhilarated to see her friend alive again but also frightened by her. Darling comes to understand that Megan’s new found life comes at a price, one she hopes Darling is willing to pay so that they can be together again. With zombies over running the streets, immortal beings controlling her emotions, and lost memories flooding back to her, Darling begins to understand that she is not just some regular girl. She may have powers of her own that go beyond the bounds of known biology.

The Kiss Serial is recommended for adults who enjoy themes of friendship and romance at the end of the world; sex, violence, foul language and a wild apocalyptic adventure populated by both humans and immortal beings.


You can download One Kiss HERE, Two Kiss HERE, and pre-order Three Kiss HERE which will be released 3/2/15.

And I’m happy to announce there will be a Four Kiss! Out in April. More about that to come. Until then enjoy my first kiss free and then the second for only $.99.


One Kiss is never enough


Want to know more about One Kiss before you buy it HERE? Here’s an excerpt. Enjoy!

International Dimension Investigations
Please state Where and When this correspondence was found and then put it in the nearest inter-dimensional pathway. You will be informed in reply where and when it was set adrift. Our object is to find out the Direction of the Deep Currents of the Universe. 
Locality where found?
Date when found?
Name of Sender
I hope this works. I’ve never tried attaching anything to our research messages before. Only 4% are found and responded to. Perhaps you have no idea what this is, what the Deep Currents of the Universe are. More than likely, if you can understand this, then it is much like your ocean. In my world we first started putting messages into bottles in order to track the currents of our waters. When another dimension responded it shocked us. It’s possible in your world the dimensional portals are still unknown to your scientists. After decades of study they are still mostly unknown to ours, hence this message. We still use the same methods we did over a century ago. Though now it is the currents of the Universe that we throw our bites of data into. 
But I have not broken all protocol, and risked my career, in order to talk about my world or the methodology of The International Council for the Exploration of the Universe. I did it to talk about Darling Price.
I have interviewed many inter-dimensional creatures but none of them like Darling.  Enclosed you will find the recordings from the first day’s sessions. I hope the file is not too heavy to float.  I feel a great nervousness that I will be too late, or that you will not understand the impact of these interviews. I fear that my world is lost, but perhaps
yours can be saved. 
I will send out more when I can. Please respond. Tell me that you’ve received my message.
Darling Price’s hair is dark; it falls over her shoulders in shimmering waves. It’s glossy like a record, catching the light in white lines. Her eyes are a very intense green. Alarming, powerful. She avoids eye contact. “Bad things happen when I look a person in the eyes. Everyone except Megan.”
“Tell me about Megan,” I said.
“She is the thing that saved me. I was going to kill myself, and kill people with me, and just drag the whole world down. I felt like reality was twisting around me and… she stopped the world and I got to live.”
“Since her leaving?”
“Leaving,” she hiccuped a laugh, “is that what you’re calling it?” Darling stood up and turned to the wall. Her black leather pants were the same shiny black as her hair. On her hips hung a white belt; it tilted to one side, where her gun hung. Silver pistol, not as shiny as her hair. It looked used, scuffed, strapped to her leg for too long.
She raised her hands above her head and rested them against the cinder-block wall. Her fingernails were short, painted the same matte metallic as her gun. She turned back to me, running a hand through her hair, pushing the long locks away from her high cheekbones and arched brows. “She was taken. I want you to write that down. Megan did not leave me.”
“Okay,” I said, dutifully picking up my pen. “Please continue.”
She looked at her empty chair, the long hair falling to cover her fine features. It exposed her shoulder, bare except for the strap of her tank top. Surprisingly erotic under the fluorescent light. Darling sat down and leaned onto the table between us. “Do you have a cigarette?” she asked.
“You can’t smoke in here,” I said.
She smiled slowly, her eyes warming; a sensation began to tingle along my jaw. “Give me a tobacco stick, and I’ll tell you my story.” 
I waved to the guard.
Darling sat back, pushing the chair away from the table, and extended her legs out straight. “And a beer,” she said. “I’d love a beer.”
I nodded.
Moments later, a fresh cigarette hanging from her lip, the smoke curling around her and seeming to want to brush up against her hair before dissipating into the air, she began to tell me her story. 
And TWO KISS is available for pre-order too. Get it HERE.

New Serial Starts Now

I’m very proud to introduce my new serial: Transmissions from the International Council for the Exploration of the Universe. The first book in this new serial, ONE KISS, is live now on Amazon.

One Kiss Promo-2


I’ve been working on this paranormal side project for at least two years with the ideas beginning to percolate long before that. While I grew up with mysteries and that genre has been my thing for as long as I can remember in the last decade I’ve gotten into paranormal, apocalyptic, urban fantasy books. I love reading them and so, of course, my brain couldn’t help but start writing one.

Not only is this a new genre for me, but I’m also publishing it as a serial rather than in complete books. Which means that each installment is about 70 pages, takes a about an hour to read, and builds upon the one before it. Because One Kiss is so unlike anything else I’ve done before I’m using a pen name. E.J. Kimelman. I know, it’s not really that under cover but I just want to be clear that One Kiss is different: The sex is more graphic, the violence more vivid, the world populated by both humans and immortal beings. There is still a sharply drawn female protagonist, foul language, and tons of heart pounding action and suspense.

Here is the cover and Blurb:


A new, dangerous street drug is spreading through Crescent City. A hallucinogen that causes violent attacks, incredible strength, and leaves its victims in a permanently altered state.

Darling Price’s band, Higgs and the Bosons, is on the verge of their big break. If only she could get her act together and play the way she did before her best friend and musical inspiration, Megan Quick, fell fatally ill, then disappeared. 

With only weeks to live Megan wasn’t even strong enough to visit the bathroom by herself, yet, somehow she climbed out of her window and left.

Even though it’s been months, Darling can’t stop looking for Megan. Still hoping to find her alive is insane. Her obsession is pissing off her band mates and Darling is worried it might trigger her hallucinations. She hasn’t been sick since Megan and she ran away from their foster home to Crescent City at the age of 13. 

They took a blood oath, pressing bleeding palms together, promising that no matter what they’d stay with each other. So how could Megan leave her? It’s a mystery Darling can’t solve and refuses to let go of.

Since Megan’s disappearance Darling has started to feel a gnawing hunger. No food or drink or drug can quench it. It’s a hunger she’s felt before, but has convinced herself wasn’t real. Because what Darling feels, and the vivid memories from her early childhood, are all impossible. 

As the drug spreads through the city and the world begins to unravel, Darling’s lack of musical inspiration becomes the least of her problems as she comes to recognize that all of her assumptions about the universe may be wrong. 

One Kiss is recommended for adults who enjoy themes of friendship and romance at the end of the world; sex, violence, foul language and a wild apocalyptic adventure populated by both humans and immortal beings. 

This is a 27,000 word (about 70 page) installment of a serial and ends on a cliffhanger. 


I hope you’ll give it a try!

Thanks, Emily


‘Tis The Season for Giving

First, I have to thank all of you for all you’ve done for the INVITING FIRE launch. The downloads more than exceeded my expectations. That is due to each and every one of you. So, from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU.

And since God, Buddha, whatever force is out there has gifted me with so much I know I must pay it forward. So from now until 12/31 all the proceeds from the Sydney Rye audio books and merchandise will be going to The Endangered Wolf Center.




The Endangered Wolf Center’s mission is to preserve and protect Mexican gray wolves, red wolves and other endangered canids with purpose and passion through carefully managed breeding, reintroduction and inspiring education programs. Their vision is to raise awareness, quality, education about these wonderful animals by creating an engaging destination for families and wildlife lovers to enjoy, and a successful program to help wolves survive and thrive in the wild places in the world. You can adopt a wolf, watch it online, and if you live in Missouri even visit the center and see the wolves in real life.

There are three ways to give to the cause. Make your own donation HERE, download one of the Sydney Rye audio books HERE, or visit my storefront to purchase Sydney Rye mugs, totes, key chains, or bottle openers  on my Zazzle store HERE.

I’ll adopt a wolf early next year and share their story with you all.

Thanks again, Emily

Inviting Fire Blog Tour

In honor of INVITING FIRE’s release, I’m participating in a blog tour and giveaway this month. Check out the sites not only to enter the giveaway by leaving a comment, but maybe you’ll also find your next favorite book series. All the sites have tons of book spotlights and recommendations. Here are all the tour stops:

December 1: Welcome to My World of Dreams
December 2: Long and Short Reviews
December 3: Coffee Books and Art
December 4: It’s Raining Books
December 5: Books and Other Spells
December 8: Straight from the Library
December 9: Harlie’s Books
December 10: Room With Books
December 11: Deal Sharing Aunt
December 12: The Cerebral Writer
December 15: Carpe_Diem
December 16: Laurie’s Thoughts and Reviews
December 17: Queen of All She Reads
December 18: SiMPLiREAD
December 18: The Book Review
December 19: Blood Moons and Nightscapes
December 29: Bunny’s Review
December 30: Beckstar Reviews
December 31: Hope. Dreams. Life… Love
January 1: Jane Reads
January 2: Our Families Adventure
January 2: The blog of C.R. Moss

January 2: Casey Moss Books

Thank you to Goddess Fish for putting together the stops, but thank you especially to all the wonderful sites hosting me this month. XOXO

Inviting Fire is LIVE!

Dear Readers,

The day is here. It’s FINALLY here. INVITING FIRE (Sydney Rye #6) is live. I’m so excited to have published my sixth book in the Sydney Rye series. It’s appropriate that it’s live the day after Thanksgiving because I am so incredible grateful today. Not only do I have a wonderful support system that helps me create this series, but I have you, dear readers, who enjoy them. So thank you all so much for your continued support. I hope you have as much fun reading INVITING FIRE as I had writing it.



Recovering from a near fatal attack that has left her with residual trauma, including haunting dreams and flashbacks, Sydney Rye is regaining her strength at the jungle training camp of Joyful Justice, the vigilante network inspired by her now legendary acts of vengeance.

However, when a routine reconnaissance mission goes horribly wrong Sydney Rye looses the trust of the leadership of Joyful Justice. Her good friend and trainer, Merl, warns that if she wants to be in the action she’ll have to follow orders like everyone else. Never good with authority, Sydney struggles to suppress her independent streak for the greater good. When she runs up against an old adversary he blows apart everything she has gained. With her and Blue’s lives at stake, as well as the future of Joyful Justice, Sydney must push aside her fears and take a leadership role before it’s to late.

It’s available at all the major online retailers. Pick up your copy today!





And in honor of the release I’m doing a giveaway!


$25 gift card, SWAG, free books, what more can a person ask for? Enter to win using the rafflecopter below.

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