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Emily's Blog

Help Pick the Intro Song for UNLEASHED (A Sydney Rye Audiobook, #1)

The audiobook of Unleashed (a sydney rye novel, #1) is coming out next month! I’m really excited about the music at the beginning. I love a good atmospheric song that gets me in the mood for the story to come. So, I’ve got three awesome options and I want to know what you think fits best.

You don’t have to have read UNLEASHED to vote. Which one says to you I’m about to hear a dark murder mystery recommended for the adult listener who enjoy some violence, doesn’t mind dirty language, and is up for a dash of sex. Not to mention an awesome, rollicking good mystery!

By sharing your thoughts with me you’re automatically entered to win other great prizes like paperbacks of UNLEASHED and a $20 Amazon or B&N gift card. If you sign up for my newsletter I’ll send you a free copy of the audio book when it comes out.

So give a listen to the songs below and then use the rafflecopter to vote. Or just leave your top choice in the comments.

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Dear Readers,

Woodstock is proving to be quite full of nature. While there are no tarantulas, lizards, or toucans, we do have bears and robins. Oh, and spiders, I just saw a giant one run by my window, ew.

Anyway, Sean and I have a history with bears. It’s a long story where we almost gotten eaten by one in Canada due to some misplaced hot dog scented clothing. You’d think we would have learned something about how to dissuade bears from visiting us since then. The fact is we do know, hell, at the time we knew you shouldn’t sleep in the clothing you wore while cooking hot dogs (Sean!). So when our grill got taken out last week we were not so much surprised as bemused. Oh, and happy we had actual walls between us and the beast this time.

It was about 1:30 in the morning when we heard serious banging on the porch. Sean went down, turned on the light, and a black bear was sitting on the porch, our portable grill in his lap, cleaning out all the gunk. Sean yelled at him to “get outta here ya bear.” And it slowly got up, giving the grill one last thump, and lumbered off the porch back into the woods. Lesson learned: either put your grill away or clean it. Unless, secretly, you like when bears come to visit. In which case I suggest you watch Fatal Attractions.

Here is a shot of the grill the next morning. It still works!


Bears are not the only creature moving in on our porch. There is a Robin’s nest in the rafters. We went away for the weekend and when we came back they’d built a sweet little spot to raise their eggs right in our eaves.




They made kind of a mess and I think we should probably kick them out but I don’t have the heart for it. Weirdly enough, I blogged about this problem in June of 2012 but it was river swallows moving onto our boat. At the time I thought of it as a boathemian problem but I guess bird squatters is something land lubbers have to deal with as well. We just sprayed the swallows nest away with a hose in 2012. But I don’t think that’s going to work this time…


Hope you’re all doing well out there in Readerland.



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