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Preview of Shadow Harvest Just For You

There’s only TWO days left until Shadow Harvest goes live. To get you all in the mood, here’s an excerpt from the book. And there’s still time for you to pre-order it at all the major ebook retailers. Leave a comment, like or share this post for a chance to win a signed paperback of SHADOW HARVEST. Sharing counts double!

Shadow Harvest Cover

      We saw the brake lights glow up ahead and Loki slowed to a stop. The vans pulled off onto the side of the road. We waited, our engine running. The vans were about a hundred feet ahead of us, far enough away that there was no way they could see our unlit car in the dark but close enough that we could see figures climbing out of the lead van. The headlights from the rear vehicle lit the prisoners and guards clearly for a moment as they passed through the bright beams, headed toward the rice paddy. 
“Why two vans?” I asked.
“That’s what makes me think this is not just a simple execution,” Loki said.
“What is it then?”
“Something we need to stop.”
     He turned off the car and grabbed a rifle out of the back seat, passing it to me before reaching for another. Loki made sure the dome light was set to “off” before opening his door and stepping out into the night. I followed him, opening the back door for Blue, who fell in line with my hip as I hurried to catch up with Loki. In the distance I could see the prisoners and guards were about 15 feet from the vans, still partly illuminated by the headlights. The prisoners were forced onto their knees.
     Loki picked up his pace, breaking into a steady jog. I ran alongside him, our rifles held up in front of our chests. We watched as one of the prisoners was pulled away from the others. They blindfolded him. I could see his hands, chains winding off of them, clasped in front of his chest, in a position of prayer or begging. I guessed that he was doing both. 
     A guard knocked his hands down, exposing his chest. The other two prisoners were huddled together, the two remaining guards standing over them, guns aimed at their heads. 
     The blindfolded man, his chest exposed, could not see the guard raise his gun. The shot rang out loud in the flat space. The prisoner fell back, his head hitting the ground, his body seeming to disappear into darkness. The guard who shot him and another one picked his body up and began to drag it toward the second van. The back doors opened and we had a clear picture of the interior. There were bright lights that poured out into the night. 

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Welcome Simon Jenner!

Simon Jenner - Author Photo

I am happy to have my good friend and fellow “A Crime Collection” author Simon Jenner on the blog
today. He is celebrating the new release of the latest in his Ethan Justice series, Guilty.

Simon and I have known each other for a couple of years but recently started working together more. What we do is report to each other most mornings what our writing goals are and then email through out the day as we progress. Some days we are both on fire, sometimes there is a literal shit storm (a workman on Simon’s property drove over his septic pipe). It’s been hugely helpful to both of us, breaking writing records and getting things done faster and easier then either of us thought possible.

It’s also helped me not feel guilty if for some reason I can’t write on a day I planned to. Simon doesn’t let me off the hook easy but when life genuinely gets in the way being mad at myself is a waste of energy and Simon helps me keep that in perspective. It’s been very interesting to see the kinds of things that slow us down and what we can accomplish when we ignore all the stuff that really doesn’t matter. We never write to say “I just wasn’t feeling it today”. It would be too embarrassing, lol. We are both professionals and reporting in helps us keep that in mind.

So you can understand why I’m super proud of this release. I was with Simon every step of the way as he wrote the first draft and then edited it. I know how much hard work he puts into his books and am proud to call him my writing buddy. So without further ado I present to you Guilty….

guilty-final JJ tweaks with subtitle 400x600

The training is over. The stakes are high. It’s time to put what they’ve learned into action.

After six months of gruelling training, Ethan Justice and Savannah Jones are desperate to rest up. But their hopes of relaxation are shattered when Hannah Stone, Earthguard’s matriarch, jets into the UK with attack dog, Chris Northrop, in tow.

Agent Johnson suspects Stone has a hidden agenda and can’t believe his luck. The surprise visit is the perfect opportunity for him to bury her. But he can’t do it without Justice and Jones – and they’re demanding proof of Stone’s treachery.

But is Stone the traitor or is someone else pulling her strings? As her secrets are exposed, it is clear nothing can be taken at face value, and when Northrop’s personal issues intervene, an already life-threatening situation escalates into psychotic revenge. 

With the war against terrorism hanging in the balance, Justice, Jones and Johnson must separate the truth from the lies and bring the guilty to task before the world pays a terrible price.

 Ethan Justice: Guilty is a fast-paced, action-packed, character-driven thriller, guaranteed to make you laugh out loud, cringe, cry and cheer.

9 There-is-nothing-I-can A

You can download it HERE

 Want to find out more about Simon and Ethan Justice? Visit their website at where you can also find the first in the series Training Days for FREE.


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