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I get called a “shill” more often than I ever expected.

I get called a “shill” more often than I ever expected.

  • 16 December, 2023
  • Emily Kimelman

It’s because people don’t know what the word means.

The definition of a shill is an accomplice to a swindler who pretends to be an enthusiastic customer in order to sell a scam.

Since I sell my own books it’s impossible for me to be a shill for myself. You need a swindler to be a shill for—it’s not something you can accomplish on your own.

You could call me a scammer—if you think spending over a decade writing fiction books is a scam…which…hey, some people think that an 🟠🤡 was sent here by an all powerful male deity in order to help usher in the rapture. Apparently, the guy who bragged about grabbing women by the 🐈 is going to ascend to Heaven with his followers while those of us not supporting him will be left here to suffer terrible plagues and tortures. Nice story.

But hey, if that’s your world view, who knows, you might consider the laborious art of book writing and publishing to be a con. Because clearly, you do not know a grift when you see one.

But a shill, well, I can safely say there is no world view in which it’s possible for me to be a shill for my own books.

The Sydney Rye Mysteries are what I claim them to be—badass books that help with your impotent rage where the dog doesn’t die, but the bad guys do. In blood thirsty, vigilante kind of ways that are deeply satisfying while also helping build your empathy and avoid assault charges the next time you see a bumper sticker that says 🟠🤡 2024.

Start the Sydney Rye Mysteries today. Get the catharsis you need to survive the next twelve months. And rest assured it was an author who told you to do it, not her shill. Because dictionary definitions matter.

📚 Pay what you want for the first 8 Sydney Rye Mysteries in ebook or digital audiobook. Save 40% on paperbacks.

📚 Continue the adventure with books 9-12:

📚Catch up with books 13-15:

📘Read Relentless, Sydney Mysteries Book 16:

📗 Download the newest release, Jagged Truth, Sydney Rye Mysteries Book 17:

📗Be Ready for next year with Brutal Mercy, Sydney Rye Mysteries Book 18:

☕️ If you’ve read all the Sydney Rye Mysteries and preordered Brutal Mercy, THANK YOU.

Judging by your excellent taste, I think you may enjoy my merchandise. Graced with classic advice like Take No Shit, Give No Fucks and personal truths like I want to live in a world where the dog doesn’t die, but the bad guys do my mugs, totes, dog bowls, and more are the perfect way to reward yourself for being so fucking awesome.

I hope you find time in the busy holiday season to read. After all, that's a perfect gift from you to you. 😂


P.S. The dog doesn't die, but the bad guys do.

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