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A Political Thriller You Won't Be Able To Put Down

Angela is an aspiring actress in Hollywood that just landed her first big role... she never expected that she'd be involved in a murder.

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Ready For a Book That Will Leave You Breathless?

If you have trouble reading about violence against women, modern political themes, or sex (not graphic but out of wedlock)... then this series probably isn't your thing. If you love powerful women, gritty thrillers, and vivid storytelling, then download A Spy is Born today!


A Spy Is Born, Starstruck Thrillers #1

By Emily Kimelman

I am naked, bruised, and clutching a blood-stained Oscar statue.

I didn't mean to kill him. The last thing I want is the director of my film—my first big role—dead...he deserved it. He really did.

But now the cops are here, and even though it's obviously self-defense, I'm done for…my life is over. I'll never work in this town again even if I manage to avoid jail time. I'll be infamous instead of famous.

Unless I can make a deal...

**Beware: This series contains attempted sexual assault, and strong political themes.**

About the author...

Emily Kimelman

I write because I love to read, but I have specific tastes...

If I was offered a job as a professional reader with no strings attached, I would take it. Getting paid to sit around and read while drinking tea all day—I'm there. Since that’s not possible, I became an author.

I write the books I want to read—stories that give me the immersive reading experiences I crave. When a series grabs me, and it's all I can think about, I'm SO happy. When my inner dialogue starts sounding like the protagonist of my current read, I think, Oh yeah, this is IT. This is what I love...

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