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People call me intolerant after they leave nasty comments on my posts, and…

People call me intolerant after they leave nasty comments on my posts, and…

  • 27 January, 2024
  • Emily Kimelman

I’m not nice about it. And they’re right, I’m not tolerant of being treated like 💩.


I am not tolerant of people who blindly hate others based on their gender, who they love, their skin color, or basically anything else that is none of their business. I’m intolerant of people who are actively working to take away rights and force their religious and cultural beliefs onto me or anyone else. Keep your faith, and I’ll keep mine.

Boundaries often look like intolerance to the intolerant. The thing about my boundaries is, they are mine. I’m not going to make you refuse to take 💩 from strangers on the internet. That’s your right. If you want to be a punching bag for 🧌, godspeed

But I’m not gonna take that 💩. Or give any 🦆🦆 about their opinion of me. I don’t care if misogynists think I’m awful, but if they show up in my comment section trying to make me cower, that’s not going to work out for them. 😈 I’m happy to ruin a misogynist’s day. It’s fun for me. Sorry, not sorry.

If a religious zealot is like, that Emily Kimelman isn’t half bad…that’s when I know I 🦆ed up.

So go ahead and call me intolerant of people who think my womb has anything to do with them. Or that I should STFU because I’m a woman. Or that feminism is “bad”. Or that racism isn’t a thing—or a problem. I’m good with those folks thinking I’m intolerant because they don’t understand healthy boundaries.

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