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A little taste, just for you...

A little taste, just for you...

  • 27 April, 2024
  • Emily Kimelman

**Don't worry, no spoilers...**

Brutal Mercy, Sydney Rye Mysteries Book 18

A dark ocean writhes under slate-gray clouds lit from within by white shocks of lightning. The tumultuous waves crest and swell, nothing to beat against but each other…and one ship. A blunt, long tanker of some kind. The type of vessel designed to ride these immense waves.

It crests a swell, rising out of the water so high that the bottom breaches, hovering in empty space for a brief, unreal moment, before falling, almost in slow motion, sliding down the back side of the wave. The bow hits the valley between the monstrous rollers and dives below the surface, disappearing into the frothing chaos. The water consumes the ship, devouring the front half, before it pulls free, bobbing to the surface and climbing the next wave.

Thunder rumbles, barely louder than the howling wind and crashing surf. Rain pings against the metal hull, the percussion in the ocean’s orchestra.

Lightning sizzles free from the cloud bank and strikes the sea, a blast of power so intense that the ocean breaks into a rough boil. Water molecules tear apart—the oxygen and hydrogen ionized by the intensity.

The ship’s hull absorbs the electricity, passing it over the surface of the vessel as fast as thought travels through the quickest of minds. Compasses spin and computer screens flash.

It’s over in the same instant it begins, the symphony of the storm dulled in the wake of that crack of power.

I see the scene from within the ship—from the cockpit, viewed through the rain-spattered windows, the drenching too intense for the desperate swiping of the windshield wipers. I see it from the point of the hull, rising to stare at the swirling storm before diving to plunge into the churning sea.

I see the scene from the surface of the water and from its depths—one a tempest, the other a cold, steady blackness.

I see the scene from within the storm—the swirling moisture, the crackling electricity, the ionized air scenting the world with ozone.

I am everything all once. And the power of it terrifies me.

I lurch to a sitting position. Sweat slicks my back and adrenaline urges my heart into a rapid staccato.

Blue lies at the end of the bed, head raised, watching me—his eyes reflecting green in the darkness. My breath comes in harsh pants. James stirs next to me, rolling, reaching out an arm.

I take his hand, rubbing my thumb over the back of it, and he stills. Frank lies on his other side—all four paws in the air, looking like a giant, furry, dead bug. Nila is just below him, curled into a tight ball, his opposite in almost every way except their parentage. 

“It’s okay,” I tell the shadowed room. Just a dream. Just a dream.

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All the best...


P.S. I promise the dog doesn’t die…but I make no assurances about anyone else. 😈

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