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A man recently commented on one of my posts...

A man recently commented on one of my posts...

  • 04 May, 2024
  • Emily Kimelman

That he was more of a “let’s all get along” feminist and didn’t think I am “actually” a feminist because I clearly “hate men and feminism is about equality”...which just goes to show how big and fragile an ego can be.

If I say I write “feminist vigilante crime fiction to help ease the fury of women”, and you hear I “hate all men”, then you’re not exactly a deep thinker. You’re more of an egotistical, shallow dumbass.

Men, you can hear women are livid about the patriarchy, read examples of men acting horribly, and recognize that as a man you are very well positioned to create change—instead of whining about how your feelings are getting hurt by fiction. 🙄

I don’t hate men. I am sick to death of bullshit artists hiding behind my intolerance of intolerance—I’m done with the attempted gaslighting that we should all just get along. It reminds me of the 90s when we were all taught to “not see color”. Because if you ignore it, then the problem goes away…unfortunately that’s not how systemic change works.

You don’t end white supremacist patriarchy by pretending everything is cool. Trust me, if I could just pretend these hateful fuckturds didn’t exist, I would.

I’ve got one hell of an imagination, I could wall off their existence in my mind. But they’d show up and storm the castle trying to steal my rights or ban the LGBTQ+ community from getting married, adopting children, living their damn lives in peace. They’d be out there chanting about how all lives matter while ignoring the disproportionate imprisonment and murder of black and brown people.

We can’t all get along until we recognize the playing field isn’t level. There are ways to move forward that do lead to us all getting along, but pretending like it’s possible to get along with people who literally debated how many organs a pregnant person can lose before they get lifesaving treatment at the Supreme Court is…surprise, surprise…the wrong fucking path.

And that’s why I write the Sydney Rye Mysteries—to deal with all the pain and fury reality churns up in me.
If you’re a feminist who recognizes equality is the goal, not the reality, and that pisses you the fuck off, then you should check out my series.

If you’re too scared to realize you have a part to play in this shit show no matter your gender, then go read a cozy mystery. My books are gritty, and they crack fragile egos.

Sydney Rye and her dog, Blue, exact justice with a vengeance. The dog doesn’t die, but the bad guys do—and it is satisfying AF.

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P.S. To be clear, I used the term “pregnant people” not only to be inclusive of trans folks but also to include children. Girls get pregnant. Girls get killed by abortion bans. It’s not just women. Children are being forced to give birth in this nation daily. If you can just “get along” with that then I can’t get along with you. And honestly, I don’t know how you can stomach yourself. 🤢

P.P.S. I promise the dog doesn’t die…but I make no assurances about anyone else. 😈

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