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My feminism is born out of a simple truth:

My feminism is born out of a simple truth:

  • 29 July, 2023
  • Emily Kimelman

Anyone trying to tell me I shouldn’t control my own body or that I have to act a certain way to be a woman can go *bleep* themselves.

My definition of feminism is also simple: I believe that all people have equal value.

I don’t think our value comes from what’s between our legs, the color of our skin, the people we *bleep*, or anything so specific.

We have value for the simple fact that we exist.

You can be convinced a cabal of lizard people rule the planet…and that the man sent here by the All Mighty Himself to stop them brags about grabbing women by the 🐈, suggests drinking bleach could be a good idea, and has stared directly into an eclipse. 👀

You can believe whatever you want and I still believe you have equal value to me.

I’ll think you’re confused and need to examine your life but that doesn’t mean I’m “better” than you, or more important, or deserve special treatment.

My awesomeness doesn’t grant me more value than anyone else. That’s what my feminism tells me. That’s part of what being a woman means to me—I am equal.

Some people get their panties in a twist trying to define what a woman is to which I say: if we all have equal value then why are you giving *bleeps* about what we have between our legs or how voluminous the flesh is on our chests. If you think physical or biological markers make a man or a woman then you are too busy being didactic to change the world.

And if you think the world doesn’t need changing…then what are you doing on my page?

I write feminist action fiction for feminist of any identity—though my books are geared toward woman like me who are pissed off about all the harm we inflict upon each other. And who love dogs.

Sydney Rye and her dog, Blue, exact justice with a vengeance—the dog doesn’t die but the bad guys do.

My books are cathartic. They are violent, I use “foul” language, and there is “intimate relations”. It’s not graphic but it is out of wedlock which I have received one star reviews for…slut shaming is really—I mean I don’t have more value then someone who slut shames fictional characters but I am definitely more fun. 😂

So if you’re a feminist like me, you think women can be angry, brazen, or anything else they want to be, and you love dogs, then you should start the Sydney Rye Mysteries today.

Pay what you want for the first 8 ebook or digital audiobooks. That’s right, you choose the price. And if you prefer paperbacks, you can save 40%:

The Sydney Rye Mysteries are not “better” than other books, but they are more fun. 😉 And you get to decide their value when you choose the price:

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Until next time...


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