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The Jagged Truth, Sydney Rye Book 17 audiobook is here!

The Jagged Truth, Sydney Rye Book 17 audiobook is here!

  • 31 May, 2024
  • Emily Kimelman

Sonja did an AMAZING job. She is so incredibly talented and really brought Jagged Truth to life on another dimension.

I know a ton of you have been wwaaaiiitttinnnggg for this release. Thank you for your patience!

The Jagged Truth audiobook is live on my website now and should be available on other retailers in the next few weeks once they approve it.


If you have not started the audiobooks yet, take advantage of my pay what you want offer for the first eight. If you’ve already read the series, listening is a great way to refresh yourself for Brutal Mercy, Sydney Rye Mysteries Book 18:

Speaking of Brutal Mercy, we are moving up the release date to June 21st on my website and June 28th on retailers. So, if you preorder from me, you’ll have Brutal Mercy in about 3 weeks. 🥳

I can’t wait for you all to read this one…especially the ending. 😈


📚 Pay what you want for the first 8 Sydney Rye Mysteries in ebook or digital audiobook. Save 40% on paperbacks:

📚 Continue the adventure with books 9-12:

📚 Catch up with books 13-15:

📘 Read Relentless, Sydney Mysteries Book 16:

📗 Download the newest release, Jagged Truth, Sydney Rye Mysteries Book 17:

📗 Preorder Brutal Mercy, Sydney Rye Mysteries Book 18:

☕️ If you’ve read all the Sydney Rye Mysteries and preordered Brutal Mercy, THANK YOU.

The best way to reward yourself for all of that reading is with your very own mug, tote, or wine tumbler with one of the quotes from the series, check out my exclusive merchandise:

We hope to have some exciting news about the Starstruck Thrillers soon, so keep an eye on your inboxes.

Until then, 


P.S. I promise the dog doesn't die but make no assurances about anyone else. 😈

P.P.S. You should probably unfollow me now if you have issues with "strong" language, sex out of wedlock, or LGBTQ+ characters. 👈 Top 3 things my one-star reviews complain about.

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