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Reading fiction helps you compartmentalize your emotions.

Reading fiction helps you compartmentalize your emotions.

  • 16 March, 2024
  • Emily Kimelman

You can experience strong emotions while reading—who hasn’t cried or laughed at a book? Raise your hand if you've ever tossed one across the room. 🙋‍♀️

The feelings fiction gives you are real and can stay with you for days, weeks, or a lifetime. But they stem from something unreal, which is why fiction reminds us that emotions are a reaction to stimuli. It reminds us that we are not just our feelings.

We are not our jobs, families, genders, or any other facet of our identities.

We are the silence between the pauses. Which sounds super highfalutin and philosophical, but is actually just a universal truth. And reading fiction helps us navigate it.

Our feelings are reactions. That doesn’t mean they are not important. Because while we are the infinite nothing, we are also human. We wouldn’t be here in these corporal forms feeling all these feelings if we weren’t supposed to be.

Personally, the current dystopian state of the world—climate crisis disasters, aspiring dictators and their ignorant cult following, heart-wrenching wars, forced birth laws in the land of the “free”, etc—has me riled up.

Mostly I’m angry, but I’m also sad and occasionally hopeless. Though I’m not one to ever give up. I have way too much fury for that. 😂

If you’re also reacting strongly to our reality, then I recommend you read my books. They are feminist, rage-filled, vigilante crime fiction that let you satisfy the bloodthirsty monster seething inside you while also creating the opportunity to remember that the beast can be closed between the pages of a book when you need it to be. It might help save you from assault charges next time you see a red hat suggesting we go back to some mystical time when things were “great”…🤢

Sydney Rye and her dog, Blue, exact justice with a vengeance. The dog doesn’t die, but the bad guys do. And it gets kinda highfalutin and philosophical while also being badass.

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Fiction is just what the doctor grab a book and settle in for some self-care.


P.S. I promise the dog doesn’t die…but I make no assurances about anyone else. 😈

P.P.S. You should unfollow me now if you have issues with "strong" language, sex out of wedlock, or LGBTQ+ characters. 👈 Top 3 things my one-star reviews complain about.

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