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The launch of Jagged Truth, Sydney Rye Mysteries Book 17, is less than ten days away...

The launch of Jagged Truth, Sydney Rye Mysteries Book 17, is less than ten days away...

  • 09 September, 2023
  • Emily Kimelman

And I am excited! So here is a little snippet with our favorite character to love or hate…or both. 😂


Robert takes another step forward, his fancy loafers crunching the corn stalks. He’s too close now. “We can come to an agreement. I promise. You can have anything you want.” I didn’t expect that, and I don’t have a response ready. Robert continues. “I know I’m not the only one you love. And I accept that. I always did.” His grin is lightning fast. “Because we are the same.”

“No.” I shake my head. “We are not the same. I’m not a billionaire who only cares about his own desires.”

The wind sweeps a lock of hair against his forehead. “You forgot me, Sydney.” His voice is a purr. A dangerous purr. “But I’ll never lose sight of you.” The words terrify and exhilarate. To be so persistently pursued by such a powerful beast is…tantalizing.

His hand, gloved in black leather, raises slowly. The backs of his fingers stroke gently down my cheek. Heat sweeps over my body. “You are my favorite obsession. Do you know why?”

I’m trapped in his gaze, my voice caught in my throat, so I just shake my head. His eyes drop to my lips. “You are brave and dangerous and sexy. But it’s not just that. You’re a killer. Just like me.”

“You want Mulberry and me.” He raises his brows, but he isn’t asking questions. “You are insatiable, my love. And I like that about you. I love it. Mulberry won’t ever love all of you, Sydney. He loves the brave parts of you, the sexy parts, even the danger. The independence too…but he won’t ever love the killer. I’m the only one who adores her with as much heat and fire as the rest of you. That’s why I’m the only one who will last.”


Preorder your copy from my bookstore, read it a week early on September 18th, and save a dollar. Jagged Truth will be live on all other retailers 9.25.23:

To celebrate, we are hosting a giveaway in my Facebook group, so be sure to join:

We are also hosting a LIVE event in the Facebook group on 10.9.23 at 5pm Eastern to discuss Jagged Truth. These are SO fun, and I really hope you can join my business manager, Jamie Davis, and me to chat about the newest Sydney Rye Mystery. **There will be spoilers** , so be sure to read the book before October 9th if you want to join us live. A replay will be pinned in the group for anyone who can’t attend at that time or hasn’t finished the book yet. 

If you’re new to the series and want to join the conversation about loving, hating, or being deeply torn about Robert Maxim, then you should pay what you want for the first 8 books in the series.

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📗 And get ahead when you preorder Jagged Truth, Sydney Rye Mysteries Book 17:

📗Be Ready for next year with Brutal Mercy, Sydney Rye Mysteries Book 18:

Can't wait for you to read Sydney's newest adventure...


P.S. The dog doesn't die, but the bad guys do.

P.P.S. Audiobook update: My narrator, Sonja Field, will be returning to her studio in late fall, and the first two projects on her schedule will be Relentless and Jagged Truth - so the audiobooks are coming but we can’t give exact dates yet. We will update via social media and the newsletter, so stay tuned.

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